Event Rigging Specialists 

Trussing is a lightweight structural frame that has multiple uses. It can be used to create the ideal positioning to place our lighting or flown using aerial rigging points.

Our trussing can be used as pillars to place moving head lighting on stage or around your venue. If your venue has the required rigging points we will be able to fly or hang the trussing to provide a higher vantage point for our audio, visual and lighting equipment which would otherwise be unattainable.

Try something different…

We can also use our trussing to design a cube based structure around the dancefloor or focal point of your event, as well as free standing structures more commonly used in corporate events or exhibitions to create spectacular light shows from various points in your venue.

Equinox Trussing Booth DJ

Trussing can be used as a free standing structural frame, hung via rigging points or used as pillars to mount lighting fixtures.

Quick & Easy

The simple but effective design allows our team to build bespoke trussing structures quickly and easily for your event.

Aluminium Design

Our collection of trussing consists of a strong but lightweight aluminium design.

Trussing can be used as an anchor for venue draping, sound, hanging lighting fixtures and visual displays to create that spectacular finished look.
  • Trussing Closeup
  • Deluxe DJ Package with LED Dancefloor