Equinox Essentials
Check out our essentials package
This is a simple yet effective package.
This package includes the bare essentials for any successful event including Moving Head Beam Lights and Digital Sound System.
Equinox Essentials
This package includes


This is a simple yet effective package. This includes the bare essentials for any successful event and our team will ensure it is used to its full capacity to give your event that elegant effect. You can always contact a member of the team for a list of additional items to supplement your package.

Here’s what’s included in this package. Choose the options on the left for more info!

  • 2 Intelligent Moving Heads
  • Trussing Pillars
  • Digital Sound System
  • Fibre Optic Starcloth
2 Beam Moving Head Lights

A visual spectacle guaranteed to captivate your guests. Our intelligent lighting will easily light up your venue and flood it with colour.

Trussing Pillars
Equinox Classic with Lighting and Haze

Used as an anchor for the lighting or to give your package that definitive crisp finish. Our trussing pillars ensure we get the height for your moving head lighting.

Digital Sound System
Equinox Speakers

Our digital sound system will ensure that party mood from start to finish.

Fibre Optic Starcloth

An elegant starlit backdrop to give your event that glamorous sophisticated finish.

Remember, our packages can always be adjusted and supplemented accordingly for your event. Why not include venue uplighting or a dancefloor?

Talk to a member of our team for your own bespoke package today.

  • Equinox Essentials Package
  • Equinox Essentials Package
  • Equinox Essentials Packages
  • Equinox Essentials Package
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