Beam Lighting

Our beam lighting is more commonly known as moving lights or moving heads. We connect to our lighting via a DMX signal which allows us complete control. This ensures that we can create a visual display which enhances and compliments your venue with the use of patterns and shapes (gobos) and many other stunning effects. The lighting can be positioned as required with the support of our trussing as stable pillars or additional hanging rigging points.

By combining our intelligent lighting (and equally intelligent engineers) we can program various light shows so that the lighting evolves alongside your event. From a slow steady start to set the mood for cake cuttings or speeches to a dazzling finale guaranteed to capture the attention of your guests.

Our wealth of experience means we understand that every venue and event is different and a standardised lighting package simply does not work. This is why we have our own expert lighting engineers who can program and control each lighting fixture for a tailor made and spectacular light show.

Equinox Lighting

Our lighting can be positioned to bring more focus on key points of your event such as cake cutting or speeches. Our team will work with you to create the perfect setting.